40 T ABEC-Kegel Press Fit Wheel Pulley (Set of 2 )
40 T ABEC-Kegel Press Fit Wheel Pulley (Set of 2 )
40 T ABEC-Kegel Press Fit Wheel Pulley (Set of 2 )
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40 T ABEC-Kegel Press Fit Wheel Pulley (Set of 2 )

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The Boardnamics press fit wheel pulley is a high performance pulley designed to fit to both kegel and abec flywheel cores. They utilize a bearing and a press-fit assembly into the wheel for high performance operation.

Bearing Pulley Advantage:

Pulley runout or “wobble” on standard bolt-on pulleys hurt your drive system by constantly stretching and loosening the belt as the pulley rotates. The bolts have play and loosen overtime which causes the pulley to shift out of center. The belt can skip more because of this. Pulleys with integrated bearings lock the pulley centered. Bearing pulleys don’t require a retainer on the outside, providing a cleaner look.

Pulley is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. Pins are stainless steel for extra durability where it counts. Adapters for Kegel/Labeda wheels and Flywheel/ABEC both available.

Available in 36T and 40T tooth counts. Being modular in design, changing tooth counts is easy and doesn’t require removing the entire pulley. Email us for additional adapters or tooth counts.

Requires 45mm+ axle. Typical longboard axle is only 34mm. Precision hangers required!


Profile: HTD5M

Tooth Width: 16mm

Weight: ≈160g each

What’s included:

x2 40T Pulley

x2 ABEC or Kegel Adapter

x2 Aluminum Spacer

x2 608-2RS Bearing

x4 M4x8mm Screw is hi

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester